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Who Can Serve Documents To Debt Collection Attorney Nelson and Kennard

Nelson & Kennard McClellan Ca Process Server

We are Sacramento Process Servers for McClellan Park California and we serve documents to Nelson and Kennard law firm Bay G, 5011 Dudley Blvd Bldg 250, McClellan Park, CA 95652 daily.

I was contacted by Nelson & Kennard regarding a Debt that Capital One Bank submitted a judgement on and needs to be resolved or they will take action through garnishment. The original “judgement” was filed 10/20/2011 of which I do not recall receiving any paperwork. I contacted them through email stating I would like further documentation of the original judgement that was served, AND that I was to be contacted by EMAIL ONLY, I never received a response to my email, however they received my request because they continued to mail documents. Not only did they not honor my request to be contacted by email, what they did mail was not what I requested. I requested proof that I received paperwork as I don’t’ recall ever being served, not that it was filed. My main complaint is that they ignored my request of how I wanted to be contacted and to be honest coming at individuals during a pandemic that are under financial hardship for a debt that is this old is borderline. Complaint from BBB.